Vintage Hercus Lathe



Evolving since the late 1920’s and lasting until 2001, Hercus made their famous 9″ lathe. Loved by industry, small workshops and educational facilities alike, this machine, maybe more than any other, has given many professional and amatuer machinists a great opportunity to earn a living or satisfy their hobbies.

This example was purchased by us from a working machine shop not far from where Fred Hercus, the father of the company lived. It is unknown how long the lathe spent in the Magil engineering firm but of those old enough to remember it had been in service, in the same spot since the late 1960’s.

Fully refurbished mechanically and cosmetically. It is now offered for outright sale or as a feature piece in a new garage design.

The price is $3850

Freight will be quoted upon enquiry.




An original inspection record for an early Model A.



A great photograph of John Leask operating an early Model A. Mr Leask worked at Hercus for close to 50 years.